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The Parish Council was set up in 1894 when Aldenham was the main local settlement. It now consists of two electoral wards (Aldenham East and Aldenham West) in the borough of Hertsmere, within the county of Hertfordshire.

Most of the population today lives in Radlett and the Parish also comprises the villages of Aldenham and Letchmore Heath, plus the hamlets of Round Bush and High Cross.

The Aims of the Council

Mission Statement

• To promote Radlett and its surrounding villages as a place to live, a place to work, a place to visit and a place to invest.

Corporate Aims

• To serve those who live in the Parish, work in the Parish and visit the Parish.

• To strive to improve the quality of life for all residents of the Parish.

• To represent the community’s views and aspirations at local, county, regional and national level, and work in partnership with these authorities to provide for the wellbeing of the Parish.

• To review regularly the Council activities and take on/transfer or cease where appropriate.

To achieve these aims, the Council’s objectives are:

• To consult with the community to establish its aspirations for the future.

• To promote the vitality and viability of Radlett and its surrounding villages.

• To encourage and participate in partnership and agency working with the public, private and voluntary sectors for the betterment of the area.

• To promote sustainable environmental policies, to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

• To help to create a socially inclusive and caring community which embraces all its residents irrespective of age, culture, wealth, race or religion and which seeks to develop their wellbeing, knowledge, understanding and mutual co-operation.

• To strive for a safer environment for the community.


Parish Council Manager
Peter Evans

Parks and Open Spaces:
Manisha Kotecha

Paula Paley

Community Development
Claire Larkin

Monika Duong


Ian Gray, Gary Hall, Neil Hudson and Danny Wells

Phillimore Recreation Ground:
Gills Hill, Radlett, Herts WD7 8AL Tel: 01923-856433



Please refer to each individual committee for the next committee meeting.

The minutes of each committee meeting can be uploaded to our website once they have been approved and signed by the chairman of the committee.

Full Council

Planning Committee
Community Development and Engagement Committee

Finance and General Purposes Committee

Parks and Open Spaces Committee

Strategic Planning Committee




Our Services

We will help you with a Parish, Borough or County Council query or will put you in contact with the person who can help you.

You can pick up an Bus Pass application form from Aldenham Parish Council Office, which then must be sent to:

Concessionary Travel Team
Hertfordshire County Council
PO Box 153
Herts SG1 2GH.

To plan your bus journey visit www.hertsdirect.org.

The Parish Council staff can also help you with:

• A free kitchen caddy
• Caddy liners £2.50 per roll
• Garden waste sacks 50p each
• Copies of ‘Around Radlett’
• Copies of the Official Guide
• Copies of the booklet ‘Sweet Radlett’
• A small variety of black and white postcards depicting old village scenes
• The Diary of Local Organisations Events
• Allotment details
• Footpath Walks Booklet £1
• Footpath Maps £6
• Recycle Batteries

APC Policies

Freedom of Information Policy – Please click here

Petition Policy – Please click here

Complaints Policy
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Grant Aid Policy- 
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Anti Bribery – 
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Snow clearance policy – 
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Equal Opportunity – Please click here

Standing Orders May 2015

Annual Return

Annual Reports – Please click here

Action Plan from Full Council Please click here

Press Release Newberries Car Park Development

Neighbourhood Plan

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?
Communities can now prepare neighbourhood plans to influence the future of their areas. These allow communities to set out their own vision for their local area and set general planning policies to guide development in their neighbourhood. However plans must still meet the needs of the wider area and take into account the local council’s assessment of housing and other development needs in the area.

For more information on the Neighbourhood plan please go to :www.radlettplan.org

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