Aldenham Parish Council to help provide affordable homes and extra retail units in Radlett

At the end of 2015, Aldenham Parish Council (APC) decided to offer, for sale a piece of land it owned at the rear of the War Memorial, Radlett.

Press Release

It had investigated many uses for the land over the years, including enhancing it as an open space, car parking for the shops, its own offices and housing. The Council came to the conclusion that this site would be difficult to enhance as an open space due to the sloping site and access. As a car park there would be an initial cost of building the car park space with a very small return. There was also the problem that the site is not square. In addition there are two garages on the site which are not owned by APC and the access road is also not in APC ownership. In order to develop the land APC would have to incur significant up-front costs for a scheme that would be difficult as it is not an easy site.
APC therefore asked the District Valuer to survey the site with a view to it being released for affordable housing.
Only Yarnscombe Investments Ltd whose agent is in Radlett, replied to the tender, and at its January meeting APC agreed to sell the land to them. Yanscombe intend to develop the site to include retail units and rented flats which would go some way of supplying affordable housing in the Parish.
The funds received from the sale will allow APC to invest in other areas of the Parish. APC intend to put these plans out for consultation in the future.
Peter Evans
Parish Council Manager
Aldenham Parish Council