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Aldenham Parish Council Grants

Aldenham Parish Council / Aldenham Parish Council / Aldenham Parish Council Grants

The aim of our financial grants scheme is to help promote a vibrant and active local community.

The Parish Council has a limited budget each year for small grants on a discretionary basis to voluntary organisations and community groups that provide services that benefit the economic, environmental and/or social well-being of residents of the Parish. There is a grants’ fund agreed within our annual budget, which we do not normally exceed, for us to use during the year as single grants of up to £2000 and these are disbursed four times a year at the Community Development Committee meetings. Amounts over £2000 will only be given in exceptional circumstances.

If you feel you may have a special case please discuss this with the Community Development Officer before making an application.

To make your application, please download and complete the application form made and provide as much information as possible in order to support your application. Application forms must be received no later than 14 days prior to the Community Development Committee meeting in order to be placed on the agenda for consideration. Any applications received after this deadline will be carried forward to the next meeting. Please return your form to community@aldenham-pc.gov.uk or send to the Parish Council offices.

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