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Free Business Course for Hertfordshire Residents

Thinking about setting up a new business but worried about needing money to get started? @therebelschool will show you how to build & run a business without debt & in a low-risk way.

Register today for the FREE course. Be quick it starts on Monday -

Want to make money doing what you love?   

 The Rebel Business School have partnered with local authorities to offer a free live online course that helps people from all backgrounds and situations to become equipped with the tools and skillset to become self-employed or run a business; be this as an alternative to traditional employment, to help supplement income and/or to take their passions a step further. 

 The practical and interactive course runs from 21st March – 1st April between 10am – 3pm daily (Mon-Fri) and is a great move towards your first sale, building your confidence and getting your business idea off the ground in a debt-free way. 

 Sign up here: