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Have your say on Hertsmere’s Draft Budget

Have your say on Hertsmere’s draft budget
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There’s a chance to have your say on our budget for the next financial year (2022/23). The draft budget offers a detailed insight into the current economic and other external influences on the budget including the ongoing and unprecedented financial impact and lost income resulting from the Covid pandemic, and also explains how central government funding has helped to offset some of this shortfall.

In order to help fund the proposed budget, a £5 increase in our share of council tax bills is being proposed, the same rise as last year. This would represent less than 10p increase per week per average household for the coming year. With the high cost of living at present, this proposed 2.7 per cent increase is well below the current rate of inflation showing that we are doing all we can to minimise the impact on our residents whilst continuing to maintain our services.  

The proposed council tax charge will fund key services we provide including waste and recycling; local planning; housing; parks and open spaces; street cleaning and environmental health; benefits administration and contributions towards Police Community Support Officers and the Citizens Advice Bureau.

The draft revenue budget is open for public comments until Sunday 13 February, before it is put forward for final approval at a full council meeting on 23 February.

More information can be found here.
Hertsmere’s Draft Budget