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Hilfield Solar Farm update

Hilfield Solar Farm Planning Application

Aldenham Parish Council planning committee will discuss this application when it has been received from Hertsmere Borough Council

The following is an update issued by the Enso Energy Company

‘Following the finalisation of the scheme design, a consultation programme with the local community and several in person site visits with local residents, by way of courtesy, Enso Energy wanted to inform you that they’ve recently submitted their planning application. The applicant for the project is Elstree Green Ltd  (a wholly owned subsidiary of Enso Energy and Macquarie’s Green Investment Group) Once the application has been validated we will make the planning application available for download from our project website (

Our previous engagement with the community in September and October 2020 enabled the development team to take on-board local feedback and look at ways of improving and enhancing the positive aspects of our scheme. In response to a number of the issues raised during the public consultation process and resident site visits, the design of the submitted scheme has been amended to reflect this feedback.

If approved, the submitted scheme would supply the equivalent annual electricity needs of approximately 15,600 family homes in Hertsmere.  The anticipated CO2 savings is around 25,400 tonnes per annum, which represents an emissions saving equivalent of a reduction in approximately 8,100 cars on the road every year.  It is also estimated that the solar farm will increase the total amount of renewable energy generated in Hertsmere from 5.4% to 20%, bringing Hertsmere closer the national average of 33% electricity generated from renewable resources.

We are all agreed that there is an urgent need for renewable energy to address the climate change emergency and a responsibility on all communities to contribute to this requirement.  This scheme will help in meeting this target as well as delivering significant biodiversity benefits.’