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School Competition Entry Guide

Aldenham Parish Council / School Competition Entry Guide

The competition is being organised by Aldenham Parish Council as part of the Festival of Culture. It is a celebration of culture and there are three categories of entry: Art, Poetry and Writing.


While the schools have been the primary form of contact and organisation, we invite all children aged 5-18 to enter in the corresponding category to submit entries in line with the competition’s terms and conditions. Account should be taken of the guidelines

set out below, as these will be applied by the judges.


The deadline for submissions is 24th April 2020.


A judging panel made up of local experts will judge the entries anonymously and select a first, second and third place entry in each category and age group.


The winning entries will be revealed at the launch night for the Festival of Culture on the 4th June at the Radlett Centre.



For further information please contact Councillor Helen Jones, c/o Manisha Kotecha, Aldenham Parish Council, 1st Floor, The Radlett Centre, 1 Aldenham Avenue, Radlett, Hertfordshire, WD7 8HL

Phone: 01923-856433

e-mail: Cllr.Helen.Jones@aldenham-pc.gov.uk


Please click below to download the entry guide

Festival of Culture Schools’ Competition Entry Guide


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