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Is there a property near you that is a Airbnb

Airbnb has launched a Neighbour Support Line, offering residents who live near an AirBNB property the opportunity to talk to someone directly at Airbnb if they have urgent concerns, such as parties, noise disturbance or safety concerns. Neighbours can visit  to request a call from a specialised support agent, who will aim to give them a call back in 10 minutes or less. 

In partnership with the charity Crimestoppers, AirBNB have produced a guide for hosts, including advice on how to stay safe while hosting, signs of potentially suspicious activity from guests, information on how to stay safe online and how to report any suspicious activity to Crimestoppers, the police, and to Airbnb.  For more information, visit Airbnb launches Neighbour Support Line and joins forces with Crimestoppers