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Radlett Neighbourhood Plan

Why did we do it and how

In 2013 Aldenham Parish Council (APC) decided that it would apply to Hertsmere Borough Council (HBC) to have a Radlett Neighbourhood Plan. APC felt that, whilst at present there is very little danger of Radlett being asked to support a large increase in homes as it is surrounded by Green Belt, it would have added influence by having such a plan. In addition, the plan could influence the design of new developments and landscape, and protect the verdant nature of this village.

APC was aware that they did not have all the answers and that to be effective this plan needed to include the vast number of ideas from the residents and businesses of Radlett. You did not disappoint, and have been involved in the following

  • November 2014 – Stall at APC ‘Winter Fair’ showing initial questionnaire and awareness campaign
  • February 2015 – Initial questionnaire sent to all residents in Radlett – over 850 responses
  • March 2015 – Launch meeting at Radlett Centre – request for volunteers to join working groups and steering group
  • August 2015 – Further questionnaires and consultation stall at APC ‘Limitless’ Event
  • November 2015 — Stall at APC ‘Winter Fair’ with update
  • March 2016 – presentation at Annual Parish Meeting by consultants, with an opportunity to comment on the draft policies.
  • Various presentations at U3A, Estate Agents, Business Groups etc.

As a result from these events and questionnaires the working parties, and ultimately the steering group have been drafting planning policies that specifically address our needs, concerns and ambitions for Radlett. The policies in the HBC Local Plan and National Planning Framework still apply but we have – with all your input to date – attempted to create more specific policies, guidance and a community priority project list for Radlett.

What will the plan do

The Radlett Plan will help Radlett to retain its verdant nature that is so admired by residents and visitors. It will be used to retain the Green Belt that surrounds the village, whilst recognising that there may be areas to the edge of the village where local consultation may agree to a limited release of the Green Belt in exceptional circumstances.

We will use the lessons learnt from the formation of the plan, i.e. public engagement and involvement to influence how future proposed large developments such as the Newberries Car Park site are planned and developed. This should ensure that a place can be created that we can be proud of in the years to come. Radlett Plan policy H4 outlines our expectation that developers and promoters must provide for independently facilitated design workshops open to all and early in the design process.

Other issues that are not strictly related to planning have been formulated into the Plan. These are deemed projects and these will be used to influence other public sector bodies that invest in our area for instance in transport infrastructure, and guide capital expenditure and priorities in the parish. In particular, once adopted the Radlett Plan will ensure that twenty five per cent of any Community Infrastructure Levy (a development tax paid on new developments) will have to be allocated to projects in Radlett.

Vision and objectives

Our vision is that in 2027, Radlett will have maintained and improved its attractive character as a verdant village, surrounded by highly cherished open countryside, with an active and diverse community served by a modern and vibrant High Street.

This is helped by:

  • A variety of types and styles of attractive and durable homes positively reflecting on the character of the area
  • Protecting and enhancing the leafy and biodiverse nature of Radlett’s streets, neighbourhoods and open countryside;
  • Easy access to the open countryside and a well-maintained and lit network of footpaths, bridleways, cycle ways and streets within Radlett itself;
  • A broad range of well-kept and highly frequented community and cultural facilities within easy walking distance of public transport and other destinations such as shops and services;
  • A diverse array of local residents and employees of different faith, ages, ethnicity and socio-economic means is able to live, work, study, and socialise;
  • Good accessibility of our High Street for public and private modes of transport and sufficient parking for all modes including cars, bicycles and motorbikes.

There are 13 objectives and 5 key themes under which the working groups drafted policies.

They include:

  • Housing Design Policies aimed at maintaining and improving the attractive, verdant character of our village and providing design standards, which conserve the local distinctiveness and aesthetic qualities of the buildings in the village, as well as providing strong support for smaller homes with less than 4 bedrooms.
  • Green Belt Land Policies aimed at promoting the positive use of the surrounding Green Belt, providing opportunities for access from residential areas, ensuring all residents have access to community green and open spaces for leisure and recreation.
  • Radlett Village Centre Policies aimed at better facilities and amenities for the community and visitors and improvements to streets and transport infrastructure facilitating a smooth traffic flow through the village and district centre including cycling and public transport.
  • Getting Around Policies aimed at improving access, capacity, appearance and functioning of parking facilities for cars, bicycles and motorbikes, requiring development and public street space improvements to make a positive contribution to the natural and built environment.
  • Recreational Facilities Policies aimed at promoting an active community within the village, with improved community and cultural facilities for residents, particularly youth, and visitors.

There are also Community Priority Projects which the Radlett Plan wishes to address through co-operation with other statutory bodies and with the use of monies from the Community Infrastructure Levy and other funding sources.

These include:

  • Radlett Village Centre Audit and Action Plan
  • Bringing smart technology to Radlett
  • Improved parking and access at Radlett Railway Station
  • Improving parking facilities and the environment in Newberries Car Park development site

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