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The Council

The Parish Council was set up in 1894 when Aldenham was the main local settlement. It now consists of two electoral wards (Aldenham East and Aldenham West) in the borough of Hertsmere, within the county of Hertfordshire.

Most of the population today live in Radlett and the Parish also comprises the villages of Aldenham and Letchmore Heath, plus the hamlets of Round Bush, High Cross and Patchetts Green.

The Aims of the Council

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  • To promote Radlett and its surrounding villages as a place to live, a place to work, a place to visit and a place to invest.
  • To serve those who live in the Parish, work in the Parish and visit the Parish.
  • To strive to improve the quality of life for all residents of the Parish.
  • To represent the community’s views and aspirations at local, county, regional and national level, and work in partnership with these authorities to provide for the wellbeing of the Parish.
  • To review regularly the Council activities and take on/transfer or cease where appropriate.
  • To consult with the community to establish its aspirations for the future.
  • To promote the vitality and viability of Radlett and its surrounding villages.
  • To encourage and participate in partnership and agency working with the public, private and voluntary sectors for the betterment of the area.
  • To promote sustainable environmental policies, to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.
  • To help to create a socially inclusive and caring community which embraces all its residents irrespective of age, culture, wealth, race or religion and which seeks to develop their wellbeing, knowledge, understanding and mutual co-operation.
  • To strive for a safer environment for the community.
  • To deliver the best possible Parish Council services for the lowest possible cost.
  • To ensure improved access to all Council services by working in close partnership with HertsmereBC and HertsCC through on-line access at home, in Radlett library and at the Council offices.
  • To work with the Police to meet local aspirations.
  • To continue to lobby HertsCC for improved roads and pavement maintenance.
  • To continue to defend the character of the Parish, oppose inappropriate development; preserve the Green Belt (in conjunction with the Radlett Society & Green Belt Association).
  • To work for a cleaner Parish.
  • To work in partnership with the HertsCC, HertsmereBC and any other groups to deliver improved youth facilities in the Parish.
  • To work with the Radlett Centre Trust to continue to improve the Radlett Centre as an attractive and viable community centre.
  • To work with local sports groups, clubs and resident groups to seek the mix and quality of facilities wanted by local residents.
  • To support actively good ideas and encourage local initiatives.
  • To improve services delivered to the elderly, disabled and less mobile members of the local and wider community.
  • To encourage the inclusion of affordable/key worker accommodation.
  • To continue to oppose any large development that will have a detrimental effect on traffic movements in the Parish such as the Rail Freight Terminal and Energy from Waste incinerator.
  • To prepare a Parish Plan for the area, including a Rural Plan for the surrounding villages, and to lodge this with HertsmereBC and HertsCC.

All these objectives will be prioritised and pursued within the financial constraints under which Aldenham Parish Council operates.

This policy was adopted by Aldenham Parish Council at its meeting of 25th October 2011 and will be reviewed at the Annual Meeting.