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Council Committees

Please refer to each individual committee for the next committee meeting. The minutes of each committee meeting will be uploaded to our website once they have been approved and signed by the chairman of the committee.

The Full Council committee meets once a month to ratify recommendations made by the individual committees and also authorise payments of over £10,000.

The Committee meets every 2 weeks and reports to the Full Council. The Committee is responsible to the Parish Council for responding to planning applications and licensing applications, responding to appeals and consultation documents involving planning and transport. It also responds to consultation documents involving public rights of way.

Please note that Hertsmere Borough Council is the Local Planning Authority for this area. It is therefore the decision maker in the planning process and will make the decision to grant or refuse an application. It is very important that, if you have comments to make about an application, you send the comments (objection or support) by email or letter to the case officer at Hertsmere Borough Council so that they may be considered when assessing the application.

Please click on the following link for more detailed information about commenting on applications.

Download a guide to commenting on planning

The Committee meets quarterly, reports to the Full Council and consists of 6 nominated Parish Councillors. The Committee also sets up working parties which looks at future projects which then reports back to the Committee. The purpose of this Community is to organise events within the community such as the Winter Fair, Summertime activities and events for the Over 65s. It also oversees the Parish magazine, Around Radlett, which is published 2 times a year and the council website, social media and the council noticeboards and the Radlett Youth Council (link to Youth Council pages) which meets every month.

The Committee meets quarterly with an extra meeting in January to agree and recommend the budget and precept for the following year. The Committee consists of the Chairman & Vice-Chairman of the Council, the Chairmen of the following Committees of the Council, (Community Development & Engagement, Planning, Parks & Open Spaces and Strategic Planning), plus up to two other members nominated by the Full Council. The Committee is responsible for setting, recommending and monitoring the budget and precept, projects, earmarked reserves and section 106/CiL, finance regulations and standing orders, best practice, best value, risk management, health and safety, insurance, council policies, human resources and the long term management of the properties of the Council.

The Committee meets quarterly, reports to the Full Council and consists of 6 nominated Parish Councillors. The purpose of this Committee includes the maintenance of all properties, open spaces and signage owned or managed by Aldenham Parish Council. Maintenance includes: – ground maintenance, hedge and tree trimming/planting, playground equipment, MUGA, car parks, stores, fencing, footpaths, handrails and entrances. This Committee is also responsible for recommending major projects to the Finance and General Purposes committee for its consideration.
The Committee will formulate plans for updating playground equipment, and tree maintenance, on a five year plan basis to be reviewed annually. It also looks after the provision of litter bins, dog litter bins and new signage. The Committee subscribes to the following organisations The Community Development Agency for Hertfordshire; The National Allotment Society and The Institute of Groundsmanship.