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Open Spaces

Aldenham Parish Council owns or leases over 68 acres of open space across the parish.

Our  open space areas are very varied and include over 1500 trees, parkland, open fields, copses and woods. They front main roads, rivers, open fields and residential/commercial properties.

Name Purpose
Phillimore Recreation Ground The area includes a Children’s Play Area, Open Field, Wood, Allotments, Radlett Bowls Club and a Multi-Use Games area to provide an area for informal play and recreation, and allotment gardens for the community.
Radlett Gardens To be the green ‘lung’ in the High Street and an area for peace and contemplation.
Tykeside To be the first green area seen by people approaching Radlett from Harper Lane/Park Street.
Scrubbitts Wood To be an area enjoyed by residents as an open space.
King George V Playing Fields An area for formal sports and recreation.
Pegmire Lane This land is owned by Aldenham Parish Council but is not presently open to the public.
Letchmore Heath To be an area enjoyed by residents as an open space and to provide a rural open view to those visiting and living in the village. For the play area to be an area for informal play and recreation.
Aldenham Green To be an area enjoyed by residents as an open space

For more information (including location) about these parks and open spaces, please visit our facilities directory.

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