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Council News

Café Build Update

To date we have completed our site cabin set up, installed most of the below ground drainage, prepared / cast the reinforced concrete slab and started the timber frame.

A pathway has been dug out, allowing access from the toilets / tennis courts. Unfortunately a tree has had to be removed as it was blocking the way, but following a recent tree report, it was recorded that the tree was in ill health. We will of course be replacing the tree, in line with our tree replacement plan, locating it in a different area.

Hertsmere Local Plan – Public Meeting

🚨Aldenham Parish Council has been made aware that the Hertsmere Conservatives have placed a link on various social media sites encouraging residents to register for the APC hosted meeting on 21st May 2024 etc.

Aldenham Parish Council disassociates itself from this post. As it has always stated this is a meeting for its residents to hear information, discuss and to let Aldenham Parish Council know their views which will be considered when Aldenham Parish Council discusses the draft local plan at the Full Council meeting on the 28th May.🚨