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Clothes Swap for a Wardrobe Update

Clothes hanging on a rail

We’re back with another clothes swap event in Radlett.

A clothes swap event is a great way to update your wardrobe for free! You simply bring along clothes you no longer wear and swap them for somebody else’s.

The event takes place on Saturday 24 Septembery at The Radlett Centre. The event starts with shoppers dropping off a maximum of ten items of clothing between 10am and 11am. For each donated item you can choose a new item, for free! Swapping takes place between midday and 1.30pm. It’s simple and sustainable!

The aim is to divert the amount of perfectly usable clothing from unnecessarily ending up in landfills, but also make it more accessible for people that want new clothes but possibly can’t afford them.

Research shows that 30 per cent of what is in our wardrobes hasn’t been worn for over a year, so why not swap those clothes for something new to you.

There are some ‘rules’ to ensure the swapping event goes well:
Maximum of 10 items per shopper
All items must be good quality – only bring what you’d be happy to take home
Nothing too worn – no bobbles, no rips, no stains
Adult clothes only – no shoes, jewellery, underwear, swimwear or children’s clothes.
We cannot guarantee sizes/categories of clothing at each event, it is all dependant on what people bring on the day. Please arrive early to avoid disappointment, i.e. first come, first served – we do not hold stock back.
We cannot provide credits or return items if you do not find an equal number of items to take home as the number you brought to the swap.

Any leftover items at the end of the swap will be saved for future events or donated to a local charity. Remember to bring your own reusable bags to take items home in. 
To find out more about the clothes swapping event, please visit: