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Introducing Emmaus Hertfordshire

We are a homelessness charity that provides formerly homeless people (companions) with a safe home environment, and a range of training and progression opportunities. 

We have 4 Hertfordshire-based shops that sell quality upcycled and second-hand furniture, and a house clearance service.  Our St. Albans site can accommodate up to 36 people.

During their stay with us, companions can:

● Take as long as they need to get their lives back on track

● Build confidence and improve self-esteem

● Learn valuable work skills (such as retail sales, furniture restoration)

● Learn to support and mentor other companions

In return for volunteering for up to 40 hours a week, companions:

● Are allocated their own fully furnished room

● Receive food (3 meals per day)

● Receive a weekly volunteering allowance

● Are entitled to holiday leave (for which we pay a holiday allowance)

● Build up a leaving fund for when they are ready to move on from Emmaus

● Can access support about progression into employment

● Can access support regarding moving into alternative accommodation

● Are helped to access physical and mental wellbeing services


Referrals are assessed on a suitability basis. It is important that companions understand and respect Emmaus’s ethos, guidelines and expectations, as well as the role they play in its success.

It is not necessary to have a local connection.  We can accommodate people 18+ years of age who are homeless or who face imminent eviction, and who are NOT in employment.   

Our aim is to provide a safe environment for everyone, regardless of their culture, ethnicity, religion, race, gender or sexual orientation.      

There is no time limit as to how long a person can stay with us, subject to adherence to the rules and regulations of the community.

Please find attached a Referral Acceptability Checklist, to ascertain the suitability of potential companions.

Referrals can be made via our website:

Should you require further information, please contact us on: 01727 817 294 (option 1 for support).

Or alternatively, we would love to welcome you for a visit!