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Newberries Car Park, Radlett to remain free for first hour

For a number of years, Aldenham Parish Council (APC) has subsidised the cost of parking at Newberries Car Park. This is to enable residents to park free for the first hour.  The cost is £2 for the second hour. The council hopes that people will be encouraged to use local shops, knowing that the first hour’s parking is free.

Some months ago, Hertsmere Borough Council (HBC), who owns Newberries Car Park, informed APC that as there had been no review of the subsidy for many years,  an increase was required. HBC proposed that a subsidy of over £20,000 was required to reflect the loss of revenue by having free parking for the first hour.  Such an increase would have had a significant affect on the budget for 2022/23.

After negotiation, the increase has been agreed from £8,511to £10,000.

APC councillors hope that residents agree that this is a good use of their council tax.  In 2022/23, the precept for a Band D property will be £124.29 per year, an increase of 2.17%.